[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 191835] Safari 12.0.1 Page freezes with spinning beachball that seems related to javascript

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--- Comment #5 from Steve Alex <salex at mac.com> ---
The error I got in chrome was on my demo server, a nginx proxy pass. I forgot to set:

proxy_buffering off;

and chrome had a problem with the buffer size (i guess) but safari didn't. Setting it to off got them both working.

My problem is mostly seen on Rail in development mode on my laptop and javascript is servered from the assets pipeline, no nginx or compiled assets.

It is still intermittent and is only caused by a rails 'Confirm' alert box.  I get it both with rails-us or jQuery_ujs (I've switch what one is used several times). Still can't fine a sequence of events when it happens.

I did have web inspector open once and looking at javascript events (I'm not proficient with web inspector) when I got the lock up, going to the web inspector page caused a beach ball and then it closed.

I'll continue to look for a sequence but when the problem pops up, whatever cause the develop web inspector 'Show Web Inspector" link to be grayed out must point to the problem in same way (busy? waiting to finish?). I see nothing unusual in Activity Monitor. Safari if fine (can go to other pages, tabs, etc), it's just my page with a delete link will not function, even if I reload it.

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