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--- Comment #5 from Kerry Davis <kdavis at airbridgelabs.com> ---
This comment is just specific to iOS and iPhone browsers Safari, Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Edge:

After a bit more testing I am able to confirm that mobile Safari is the only browser that even defines getUserMedia on iOS12 in an iPhone. Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Edge all allow allocation of analyser nodes up to 16K FFT bin sizes yet Safari is the only one where getUserMedia is not null.

This allows my code to work inside of a Safari browser to receive and digitally demodulate my audio pulses in my two frequency bands below 10KHz. But above that does not work and as stated in my prior comments relating to desktop Safari, my guess (and more of a guess here on mobile than it was on desktop simply because I have no other browsers to compare it with) is that the problem is simply that the mic audio is being filtered. Keep in mind that my apple store native app is able to do this which removes (or should) any concern that this is a HW capability issue.

But this also confuses me as to why all of the other browser vendors running in iOS have told me they can not support getUserMedia in their iPhone browsers until it webkit (actually they said "until apple allows us" but I assume that is what they meant)

So my immediate question is whether they currently have access to webkit provided getUserMedia as mobile Safari does? Because, at the very least, I should be able to use the lower two bands in all of the other browsers as I have now done in mobile Safari for iOS 12. Is this a correct assumption?

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