[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 191228] Plain text drag in contenteditable is always DragOperationCopy, never DragOperationMove

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--- Comment #5 from Jonathan Hammer <jonathan at e3software.com> ---
Thank you for the quick reply and for taking the time to look at this!

> It's also not obvious to me why this is here in the first place — one guess
> is that it was simply copied over from DragController::doSystemDrag, which
> uses a different macOS API to start a drag session

Yes, I was curious why the call to cleanupAfterSystemDrag was there in the first place. Your explanation makes sense and seems likely.

> If that's true, it should be safe to remove this cleanup call, as long as we
> ensure that drag state cleanup is performed after dragging concludes when
> using the DragController::beginDrag codepath.

If it helps, I can confirm that the drag state is cleaned up when using the DragController::beginDrag codepath. -[WebHTMLView draggingSession:endedAtPoint:operation:] calls DragController::dragEnded to clean up the state.

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