[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 191185] Viewport is not scrolled to the selection on typing in contentEditable or textarea

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--- Comment #2 from Wenson Hsieh <wenson_hsieh at apple.com> ---
(In reply to Piotrek KoszuliƄski (Reinmar) from comment #0)
> I think this is a recent regression because this started to be reported to
> us very recently (e.g. in
> https://github.com/ckeditor/ckeditor5/issues/1321). 
> To reproduce (on iOS):
> 1. Open https://jsfiddle.net/hzkfdrgw/
> 2. Place the selection in the textarea. Press the enter a couple of times.
> 3. Scroll the viewport so the caret goes off screen.
> 4. Type something.
> Expected behaviour: the viewport is scrolled to show the selection.
> Actual behaviour: the viewport is not scrolled.
> Screencast: http://sendvid.com/qzpnxe3h
> Severity: This is a quite serious issue due the fact that is super hard to
> create a workaround for it that would work in mobile Safari due to Safari's
> broken viewport when the software keyboard is visible. My tests
> (https://github.com/ckeditor/ckeditor5/issues/1321#issuecomment-435330662)
> show that on all other browsers we can reliably show the selection by
> playing with `window.scrollTop`. But that algorithm doesn't work in mobile
> Safari. I'll be filling a separate bug report about the viewport.

Thanks for the report, Piotrek! We're tracking this internally in <rdar://problem/28300343>. It looks like this is a regression that first appeared in iOS 10.

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