[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 185918] test262/Runner.pm: randomize tests for performance

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--- Comment #5 from Leo Balter <leonardo.balter at gmail.com> ---
Darin, I'm taking over this patch work as Valerie is in a vacation time this week.

I'm not show how we randomize and keep it for consecutive runs. The results are sorted anyway.

> tests can make problems with one test affecting another into hard-to-reproduce flakiness

Every test run is isolated from each other. The only thing that could be a problem in this case is memory usage from each call to JSC (for each test). This not prevented from the current alternative - tests order as it is by their file path - anyway.

> And we’d like to avoid that even if it’s unlikely.

The only guaranteed way to prevent any conflict here is to run the tests in a single process queue. That's not what being solved here, neither this patch will compromise it. Running in a single thread makes the run way slower but gives you a save ride to prevent shared memory usage from multiple JSC calls.

You should also consider Test262 has only unit tests - as a maintainer I can guarantee that - and we don't run anything such as stress tests or anything relying on performance.

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