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I am not happy with this patch. I do not understand the need to add tests for a runner as it seems excessive to do. With the exception of the webkitpy code we (the WebKit OpenSource Project) tends to not write tests for driver code (e.g. build-webkit, DumpRenderTree, et cetera). Instead we prefer to write tests for the framework/library/module code that the driver calls. There is a careful balancing act between adding testing to catch regressions and hindering hackability because the tests actually make the program's design more rigid. Writing tests for the driver itself (i.e. writing end-to-end integration tests) tends to hurt hack-ability more than the benefit it provides. Can we factor out more of the driver code into an existing Perl module(s) or new modules and then write tests for them instead of writing an end-to-end integration test for the driver itself? If we chose to move forward with adding tests for the driver then can we at least mock out the calls to the jsc binary and their results so that we can avoid the need to use the real jsc binary and hence get into the situation with have now of what jsc binary to use (debug/release/system)? Can we make more use of webkitdirs.pm?

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