[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 126907] [GTK] Hardcoded text color in input fields

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Wed May 23 12:04:35 PDT 2018


--- Comment #42 from Benjamin Otte <otte at gnome.org> ---
>    gtk_widget_path_append_type(path, GTK_TYPE_WINDOW);
>    gtk_widget_path_iter_add_class (path, -1, GTK_STYLE_CLASS_BACKGROUND);
>    gtk_widget_path_append_type(path, WEBKIT_TYPE_WEB_VIEW);
>    gtk_widget_path_iter_set_object_name(path, -1, "webview");

Since GTK 3.20, you need to gtk_widget_path_iter_set_object_name() after every appent_type() call, otherwise things won't work. So this needs to look like

    gtk_widget_path_append_type(path, GTK_TYPE_WINDOW);
    gtk_widget_path_iter_set_object_name(path, -1, "window");
    gtk_widget_path_iter_add_class (path, -1, GTK_STYLE_CLASS_BACKGROUND);

Otherwise this looks right for the widget path.

But you absolutely want to create real RenderThemeGadgets for those two elements. Otherwise the color inheritance is not going to work because you have no parent GtkStyleContext to inherit from.

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