[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 185819] Crash when loading a SVG image

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--- Comment #8 from Carlos Garcia Campos <cgarcia at igalia.com> ---
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> Patch
> Why is this not testable?

I tried to make a test case, but I couldn't. I'm not familiar with SVG, it seems to happen when an image tag inside an svg contains another image, but I haven't managed te create a test. This always happens when visiting http://www.mutua.es. I also tried to extract the test case from that page but failed too. If someone knows how to create a test case for this we can add it in a follow up patch.

> Why don't we make
> WebResourceLoader::TrackingParameters::pageID and frameID std::optional, too?

I don't think that helps. The tracking parameters are used in a lot of log messages, we would need to use value_or(0) everywhere. Then we would also need to make std::optional webPageID and webFrameID in NetworkLoadParameters (or use vale_or(0) when assigning the network load parameters). That would also require a lot of changes in network process code. If we ever get rid of the empty client, those will no longer be optional, so I don't think it's worth all the changes involved.

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