[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 170784] animation-play-state does not work when -webkit-overflow-scrolling is set to "touch"

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--- Comment #4 from Frédéric Wang (:fredw) <fred.wang at free.fr> ---
I debugged this a bit today. Pausing seems to behave normally for WebCore's animation-related objects but then the code arrives in GraphicsLayerCA::pauseCAAnimationOnLayer where the running animation is replace with a zero-speed copy:

    // Animations on the layer are immutable, so we have to clone and modify.   
    RefPtr<PlatformCAAnimation> newAnim = curAnim->copy();


    layer->addAnimationForKey(animationID, *newAnim); // This will replace the running animation.                                                              

Here for macOS vs iOS we have "Cocoa" vs "Remote" layer-related objects, which I guess behave differently. I have not tried to debug more for now but removing the animation key before adding the zero-speed copy does stop the animation  (but unfortunately seems to remove the current transform). So I guess it's an issue in how "Remote" objects handle this.

I also wonder what is this bug7311367Workaround function in GraphicsLayerCA  and whether it is relevant here?

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