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Yacine Bandou <bandou.yacine at gmail.com> changed:

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--- Comment #17 from Yacine Bandou <bandou.yacine at gmail.com> ---
(In reply to Yacine Bandou from comment #16)
> I noted that you changed the patch. You didn't land the last pushed patch
> and you landed the patch which has dependency with this bug 185420.
> That provoked the crashes of encrypted-media layoutTests in debug mode as i
> commented in c10.

Now, to fix these crashes, we should take this patch 185535.

I think there was a misunderstanding, now I implemented the patch that planned in 185420 in an other one 185535, 
in order to avoid all other misunderstanding.

For more detail, here is the history of this patch: 

1. I pushed a patch that adds a probe for GStreamer protection event and adds a handler for this event in MediaPlayerPrivate (Patch 1)

2. Calvaris asked me to split the code in two parts : 
   - A probe to catch the GStreamer protection event
   - A handler of  the event in MediaPlayerPrivate

3. I removed the handler of the event in MediaPlayerPrivate from this patch1  and I replaced it by removing the ASSERT_NOT_REACHED 
   because it is needed in debug mode. (patch 2)

4. Calvaris asked me to move the delete of the ASSERT in an other bug

5. I moved the ASSERT removal in the bug 185420 (patch 3)

6. Calvaris prefers to implement the handler of the protection event in bug 185420 instead to just remove the ASSERT. 

7. In order to take more time to implement the patch 185420. I made these two patches independent by removing the call of 
   MediaPlayerPrivate in the probe of the protection event. (Patch 4).

I close the bug 185420

Referenced Bugs:

[Bug 185535] [EME][GStreamer] Handle the protection event in MediaPlayerPrivate
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