[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 185194] [GTK] Error building WebKitGtk+ with gcc version 7.3.1

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--- Comment #20 from Zan Dobersek <zan at falconsigh.net> ---
(In reply to Michael Catanzaro from comment #19)
> As I mentioned earlier today, I'm actually not working with Fedora's GCC,
> but with the freedesktop.org GCC, which is GNOME's reference compiler,
> inside the BuildStream sandbox to ensure that there is no host pollution. So
> there is a reference platform here, and GNOME will not be able to upgrade to
> newer WebKit versions unless we fix this.

Again, given that Debian-provided GCC and libstdc++ are working just fine, this specific regression in the transition towards C++17 utilization doesn't seem to be WebKit's fault. Consider reporting the issue to whoever is packaging GCC in this setup.

> The fact that Miguel reproduced the exact same error with Fedora's GCC
> indicates that it's not somehow specific to the freedesktop SDK.

He's reported in comment #4 that an upgrade fixed all issues.

> I intend to try replacing our std::optional with WTF::optional (but probably
> not until next week). I'm about 70% confident that will work. If it doesn't,
> I'll roll out the switch to std=c++17 and we can discuss how to proceed (or
> if we really want to be relying on experimental compiler features so soon).

As of C++17, std::optional is not an experimental feature.

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