[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 181537] Long delay before audio starts playing in Safari 11

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--- Comment #3 from Dunstan Orchard <dunstan at gmail.com> ---
Came here to file the same bug. As the reporter notes, Safari fires the `play` and `playing` events and then seems to download a large amount of data before it decides to fire `canplaythrough` and actually start outputting sound.

With my cache cleared I loaded this 2.6mb mp3 http://freshly-ground.com/data/audio/sm2/Figub%20Brazlevi─Ź%20-%20Bosnian%20Syndicate.mp3 and sound wasn't played until 2.6mb had been downloaded. In comparison Chrome and Firefox start playing sound seemingly immediately.

Here's a video of where I first encountered the problem (I'm sorry this is an external link, but I don't have the original video file any more): https://twitter.com/dunstan/status/991570214541189120

I also saw the problem when using popular sound libraries, such as the SoundManager demo found here http://www.schillmania.com/projects/soundmanager2/demo/bar-ui/ Chrome started playing straight away, while Safari downloaded 2.2mb of the file before playing sound (see attached screenshots).

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