[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 185370] WKPageSetMediaVolume() API couldn't be used to restore the volume

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--- Comment #3 from Vivek Arumugam <vivek_arumugam at comcast.com> ---
Introducing another set of APIs to reduce and restore the volume might be redundant and requires few assumptions as below:

1) If we are to have an API to Dim the volume do we need to pass any value / should we assume that it should reduce the volume to 25% or someother value?

2) And if we are to pass some value, again, we can't be passing any absolute value from UI Process because at that moment the media players (from different documents) from the same page might have different volumes. This argument supports the use of factored/multiplier approach as WKPageSetMediaVolume().

If we are worried about breaking existing functionality of WKPageSetMediaVolume(), we should first confirm that the purpose of WKPageSetMediaVolume() is different than what I think it is.

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