[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 182689] Unified builds broke ycm autocompletion using compilation databases

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--- Comment #6 from Carlos Eduardo Ramalho <cadubentzen at gmail.com> ---
I followed the proposed strategy and YCM is now working here :)

A few points:

- I used YAML as file format for the mapping because then adding new entries is as simple as just appending new lines in the end. However YAML is not parsed by python std library like json so I used a lib. Writing to JSON would require reading the file, parsing and adding the new entries to a dict before writing again, which would be slow (I think). Unless we store the entries all in memory and only write to the file once at the end.

- Maybe add a new option in generate-unified-sources.rb to avoid re-running the map writing? If so we would have to call with this option in the CMake side (just like we call with --print-bundled-sources)

- I reckon some renaming on the functions/variables could be appropriate. Suggestions?

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