[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 183883] Crash with WebKitConsoleMessageLevel

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--- Comment #5 from Michael Gratton <mike at vee.net> ---
Okay, so the difference in the source code when compiling against 2.18 vs against 2.20 is that for the former, valac will generate a helper function which uses a C-switch on the value returned from the message obejct, rather than trying to use g_enum_get_value and getting the name from that.

E.g. for the level:

> static const char*
> _webkit_console_message_level_to_string (WebKitConsoleMessageLevel value)
> {
>         switch (value) {
>                 return "WEBKIT_CONSOLE_MESSAGE_LEVEL_INFO";
>                 ...
>         }
>         return NULL;
> }

The g_enum_get_value() method does get used in quite a lot of other places however, it's only these newly blessed enums that are causing a crash with my local build.

I'm sort of out of ideas about what could be causing the issue with the plain local build vs the deb local build though.

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