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--- Comment #7 from Leo Balter <leonardo.balter at gmail.com> ---
This is a known issue from Perlbrew at least since 2017. It's observable on many versions of Perl you might want to install.

There are some workarounds for this but none are completely satisfying until I have something tested.

One of them is skipping the tests after compiling the installed version as in `perlbrew install --notests 5.8.8`, this is far from good but quick for getting things working. I've been using this for some versions I have installed in my machines.

The other alternative is locally installing `berkeley-db` before installing Perl through Perlbrew, if you have Homebrew https://brew.sh/ available it should be fast as `brew install berkeley-db`. 

While I have this Berkeley DB installed in another personal machine, I'm reinstalling everything in my work laptop to confirm it works for me before updating the docs to reflect Berkeley DB as a dependency.

I'm also assuming we should only need Perlbrew for development environments, as 5.8.8 would be available for the target environments, right?




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