[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 183346] [GTK] NetworkProcess from WebKitGtk+ 2.19.91 SIGSEVs in _FUN() at DerivedSources/ForwardingHeaders/wtf/Function.h:56

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--- Comment #11 from Andres Gomez Garcia <agomez at igalia.com> ---
(In reply to Michael Catanzaro from comment #9)


> There is an alternative: flapjack. It's not fun. There are no incremental
> builds in flapjack: every build is a full rebuild. But it has worked well
> for me in the past when needing to debug flatpak-specific issues. Setting up
> a flapjack build environment might be more work than Andres might want to
> do, but that seems like possibly the easiest patch forward. Andres, are you
> willing to try building WebKit with Flapjack, to see if you can reproduce
> there? (You would then call 'flapjack run org.gnome.Epiphany' to test the
> result.)

Nope, I'm sorry. The point for me to use the flatpak version was to make this process easier. Flatpak already has some inconveniences for me, if you add this up to it, I'd rather go back to my JHBuild-ed version.

> Alternatively, we could try to debug this on the keyring side of things.
> It's clear from the code that there is a problem with one particular secret
> on one particular website. So you should look with seahorse to see if there
> are any obvious problems with the secret (e.g. is it empty?). Make a copy of
> your login keyring somewhere safe, then delete the secret and see if the
> crash goes away.

The problem may be in the keyring but I have not (consciously) changed anything and the cores have stopped happening.

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