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Hi Youenn,

I have added TURN server on port 443 so no network problem should happen now. 

You will need 2 browsers.

To send the video you need to go to browser1

1) https://brunchlive.net/events/2862/5065
2)Then use email:test1 at gobrunch.com password:test to login.

To receive the video you need to go to IOS Safari
1) https://brunchlive.net/events/2862/5065
2) Then use email:test2 at gobrunch.com password:test to login. 

Now go to browser1 and click on Broadcast
If the error happens then on IOS safari you will see the video objects without video and audio object without audio.

Now go to browser1 and type "@test mic" in the chat window and hit enter. This basically sends a signal to IOS Safari to start broadcasting which ask for the mediaDevice access. At this time, safari should start to receive the video too with sending.

I have enabled 
1) all the ICE candidates and SDP to be logged into the console
2) The control option on the video and audio tags are also shown

Let me know if you need anything else on the console. I can be available with you there to help you with the user interface :)


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