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--- Comment #6 from Michael Catanzaro <mcatanzaro at igalia.com> ---
(In reply to Carlos Garcia Campos from comment #3)
> This doesn't force simple text and it doesn't disable complex text either.
> It either forces complex text or leaves the current auto where complex or
> simple is used depending on the context.

Good point.

Other options:


> > Let's not check for 0.
> I don't see why.

It's very confusing to have an environment variable that only works when set to 0.

> Most of
> the changes that we will have to rebaseline are in text that doesn't affect
> the test at all, like text explaining what the test does, for example. The
> idea is to try it our during the next release cycle in the unstable
> releases, and once we make a decision we do the rebaseline. I don't want to
> waste the time doing a huge rebaseline to roll out the patch tomorrow.

Fair enough, as long as you're confident you won't forget to complete this before 2.22.

One more thing. The most likely reason to revert this change would be if we notice performance problems. But we are not actually going to notice performance problems, not without real perf testing. We do have a perf bot that I never look at, but it won't be able to test this change because the environment variable will be set in the test runner. How do you plan to evaluate the performance impact?

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