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(In reply to Myles C. Maxfield from comment #16)
> When you say "String(contentsOfFile: htmlPath!, encoding: .utf8)" you are
> telling Foundation to read the file, interpret the bytes as UTF-8, and
> convert the string to some well-known encoding so it can be held in memory.
> All strings use the same well-known encoding. Everything works so far.
> Then, when you use "WKWebView.loadHTMLString(_:baseURL:)", WebKit does two
> things:
> 1) Reads the string in its (correct) internal encoding, and draws the emoji
> properly.
> 2) Remembers the baseURL
> Then, if the Javascript then executes "window.location.reload()", WebKit
> will load from the baseURL it remembered. At this point, the string argument
> to "WKWebView.loadHTMLString(_:baseURL:)" is totally lost forever. From now
> on, WebKit only uses the baseURL.
> So, when the content reloads, it reloads from the baseURL. Upon reading the
> file, however, WebKit doesn't know what encoding to use, so it arbitrarily
> picks one, and happens to pick wrong. Adding <meta charset="utf-8"> is the
> way to tell WebKit the correct encoding.
> I've attached the fixed project. It's fixed by adding <meta charset="utf-8">
> in the HTML file.

Thanks for your help!

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