[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 186189] Crash in WebAnimation::runPendingPlayTask

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--- Comment #23 from Michael Catanzaro <mcatanzaro at igalia.com> ---
(In reply to Carlos Garcia Campos from comment #21)
> Antoine, what's the runtime feature we would need to change to disable the
> new web animations? WebKitGTK+ (and probably WPE too) is unusable due to the
> web animations crashes, I think we should disable them until the feature is
> more mature.

Are you seeing other animations crashes besides this crash? Are there bug reports?

(In reply to Antoine Quint from comment #22)
> You probably want to turn WebAnimationsCSSIntegrationEnabled off only.

It's already set to DEFAULT_EXPERIMENTAL_FEATURES_ENABLED, which is optimal IMO. It's even disabled in Epiphany Technology Preview, which explains why I'm not seeing this crash. So Carlos, you might want to ensure your build script uses -DENABLE_EXPERIMENTAL_FEATURES=OFF (the default).

If you really want it disabled in developer builds as well, you could add condition: PLATFORM(COCOA) to the setting in WebPreferences.yaml... but IMO that would not be good.

Anyway, I have had this std::optional madness near the top of my TODO list for several days. I agree we need to fix this ASAP, or we'll have to revert back to C++ 14.

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