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--- Comment #5 from Michael Catanzaro <mcatanzaro at igalia.com> ---
I noticed a huge number of issues today that were caused by the new expectations added here.

I've audited all the crash expectations added here. There are no recent recorded crashes on the GTK release bot for most of the tests with added crash expectations. For two of the tests, there are recorded crashes, but I investigated and determined they were both random events caused by the memory pressure handler. In my judgment, none of these should have crash expectations. If they are producing a real crash backtrace on the EWS, we should file separate bug reports for those with a backtrace.

The only new crash expectation I am not removing are these two:


These two I will split out into new bugs.

I also audited all three of the new non-flaky timeouts. In each case, the tests are not timing out on the release bot, and in fact have never timed out recently. In these cases, since we do know they've recently timed out on EWS and can't blame the memory pressure monitor, I'll add Pass expectations rather than removing the new expectations.

In the case of the non-flaky failure added for animations/play-state-paused.html, the test does have one recent failure, but it almost always passes. I'll add a  Pass expectation.

(In reply to Michael Catanzaro from comment #4)
> You added them to the part of the file where we keep the "expected" expected
> failures (desirable failures or tests for unimplemented features)... they
> should be moved.

I've move them.

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