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--- Comment #1 from Alicia Boya GarcĂ­a <aboya at igalia.com> ---
If VPx capable GStreamer plugins are not installed, MediaSource.isTypeSupported() will reject VP9.

Regarding video resolution... AFAIK that is up to the application. By the time GStreamer knows the resolution of the video it must have been already been demuxed (and therefore partially downloaded) so at most it could fail, but that's hardly useful. A possible exception would be some adaptive elements, like dashdemux, that can choose themselves the desired resolution.

What I've seen is applications querying the window size in order to determine the resolution they will demand; e.g. if you have a 720p screen they will not bother downloading 1080p video. This is what YouTube does for instance.

Decoder elements, if they are smart enough, can manage to work slightly above their actual capabilities by listening to QOS events that advise them to drop non-sync frames here and there until decoding becomes faster than run time.

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