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I have now read so many stuff about WebRtc on iOS that I have no idea anymore what should work and what not and in which version. So to clarify what I try to do: 

I have a car game running in the Mac OS Safari where you can steer the cars with your iPhone in the iOS Safari. I need just a data channel, no video no sound to send the commands directly to the game. The game sends also data to the phone (which however is a bit less important). Of course I dont want the user to accept the camera just for data.

So what I need is a direct connection between the phone and the browser on the Mac. I read that depending on the location (I am in Europe) the gathering of the candidates could fail. However I cannot imagine why this should be the case, so I guess rather not.

I found the workaround which Adapter uses (not yet tried out), however I dont know if this is needed for data channel, so I have not yet tried out:

I have read this, however this did not help so far:

Some say the example you posted is already outdated:

I am quite lost so far, should it work at all to make a data channel on iOS? I spend so much time with testing and trying out.

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