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--- Comment #6 from Pierre-Yves Gérardy <org.webkit at py.gy> ---
Firefox is the only browser that treats location and <a> identically. Chrome and Safari both have location and new URL() work the same.

Also, the URL specification is not consistent, because it also states that

A percent-encoded byte is U+0025 (%), followed by two ASCII hex digits. Sequences of percent-encoded bytes, after conversion to bytes, should not cause UTF-8 decode without BOM or fail to return failure.

Yet it proceeds to describe an algorithm that produces non-UTF-8 sequences.


decodeURI and friends rely on this choke on non-UTF-8 sequences of perccent-encoded bytes. For Latin-1, unescape() works, but that's about it.

This is in the context of a SPA router that supports routes as pathname, search or hash (only one at a time :-). Since I can't even rely on location and <a> behaving consistently (for feature detection) I'll probably disable non-ascii routes if document.characterSet.toUpperCase() is not "UTF-8".

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