[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 183008] including both gl3.h and gl2.h when USE_OPENGL_ES is enabled

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--- Comment #2 from Miguel Gomez <magomez at igalia.com> ---
> Both gl2.h and gl3.h are included when USE_OPENGL_ES is enabled in [1]. This
> breaks the build for systems that only support OpenGLES2, but not OpenGLES3.
> USE_OPENGL_ES should specify the version of the API and include the
> corresponding header only, to avoid any confusion.

It was that way actually. USE_OPENGL_ES was USE_OPENGL_ES_2 and (for linux ports) meant we were using the GLES2 API, but it was renamed to USE_OPENGL_ES in r228590 as in apple ports it can mean GLES2 or GLES3 APIs.

In any case, the <GLES3/gl3.h> include should not be necessary. They seem to include it just for the definition of GL_MAJOR_VERSION, which which seems to be only used in Extensions3DOpenGLCommon::initializeAvailableExtensions() in a platform guarded code.

I'll send a temptative patch removing that include to see what exactly (if anything) fails in the wincairo bot.

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