[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 182874] Service Worker occasionally becomes unresponsive

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--- Comment #7 from Thomas Steiner <tomac at google.com> ---
I have done some tests (limited time due to work-related travel):

- Airhonrner.com as the playground offline test sort of works, but still triggers the “turn off airplane mode” dialogue, which is confusing.
- Trivago.com as the more advanced test then didn’t work at all. They simply might have broken it, more testing required. 

What is really confusing is that added to home screen apps still relaunch from scratch every single time when switching between apps and are not kept running. 

This also adds some sort of splash screen as a requirement. I know Safari since forever supports a meta tag to specify a splash screen, it would be nice if it fell back to the manifest-based approach to stitch together a splash screen based on the description, icon, and theme-related properties. 

Sorry if this are just short observations, as I wrote I’m traveling. Let me know where specifically you want me to go in more detail or what to test.

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