[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 182327] Getting "TypeError: Underlying ArrayBuffer has been detached from the view" error with WebAssembly code

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Thu Feb 1 13:54:49 PST 2018


--- Comment #8 from Alon Zakai <alonzakai at gmail.com> ---

> The code is keeping a reference to the buffer. IIRC, the code was something like: argv_something_ptr = new Int32Array(Module.HEAP32.buffer,...);

That looks like it can explain this, yeah. It's not valid to keep using argv_something_ptr after a memory growth event. letz: you should use Module.HEAP32 each time, so you always use the current buffer.

However, it is still quite odd this only happens in one browser. But maybe event timing can explain that somehow.

> "Building the code with --profiling" ==> do you mean building the WebKit code here yes?

Sorry, no, I meant to build the project to JS/wasm that way (so that the JS and wasm have useful stack traces etc.). But maybe not necessary any more given the above.

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