[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 182689] Unified builds broke ycm autocompletion using compilation databases

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--- Comment #25 from Yusuke Suzuki <yusukesuzuki at slowstart.org> ---
(In reply to Carlos Eduardo Ramalho from comment #20)
> (In reply to Yusuke Suzuki from comment #19)
> > Interesting! Now I think the good way to fix this issue is adding an option
> > disabling unified builds (which makes compile_commands.json expected one).
> Hmm indeed! This might really be the way to go. Also, to get the
> compile_commands.json file one does not need to compile the project, but
> only "generate" or "configure" it with CMake e.g. with 
> `build-webkit --wpe --release --generate-project-only`
> If the option to disable Unified Sources were added, I figure someone could
> simply run e.g.
> `build-webkit --wpe --release --generate-project-only
> --disable-unified-sources`
> and copy the compile_commands.json file to project root to enable
> autocompletion. I think it should be best because then one could reconfigure
> the project with unified sources and get the 2x compilation speedup still.

Yeah, do you know the way only generating compile_commands.json?
If we can do that, hacky (but It Works (TM)) way can be usable!

1. First, generate JSON w/o unified builds
2. Build w/ unified builds (generates appropriate headers etc.)
3. Happy!

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