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--- Comment #30 from Sam Weinig <sam at webkit.org> ---
(In reply to Vivek Seth from comment #17)
> > Were any other formats for the database considered other than sqlite? 
> I considered 3 formats so far: 
> A. simple sqlite table 1 column with index on it (what is implemented now)
> B. sqlite table with 2 columns: domain and 4 byte hash. The hash column is
> indexed.
> C. a custom implementation of "Hierarchies of Indexes" (Kärkkäinen J.,
> Srinivasa Rao S. (2003) Full-Text Indexes in External Memory). Basically the
> format reduces disk seeks by using a small binary search tree to index into
> other binary search trees.
> All the options meet our performance threshold for devices with fast SSDs
> (iPhone, iPad, SSD Macs). They can all search a list of up to 10M domains in
> <1ms. Format A is the fastest, then B, then C.
> For devices with slower disks (SSD macs and Apple Watch) format C is the
> fastest, then B, then A. 
> In terms of disk-space overhead format C is the best (6 bytes per domain),
> then B (28 bytes per domain), then A (40 bytes per domain). 
> I've implemented format A for now, but since we would like to support HDD
> macs, I may switch to format B in another patch. Format C needs significant
> testing before we can consider using it. 
> Feel free to send me an email/meet me in-person if you would like to discuss
> in more detail. 

Thanks for filling in these details! This would be great information to include in your ChangeLog.

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