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USV is a leading Indian pharmaceutical company with revenues exceeding USD 290mn. Our products include finished formulations, API, biotherapeutics and peptide which are manufactured and exported globally by us

Our state-of-the-art R&D laboratory and US-FDA approved GMP manufacturing facilities, enable us to provide full services in Peptide Manufacturing right from research scale to commercial scale. With our experience of over a decade in peptide synthesis we are the preferred supplier to leading drug-discovery and generic peptide formulation companies worldwide.

Customised Solutions for All

We synthesize based upon your requirements at very competitive prices. There is no restriction on order size. Whether its a small order or a big one, we take pride in catering our services as per the specific needs of our customers

Since we have the capability to synthesize peptide from research scale to commercial scale, our customers typically include research scientists from leading research institutes and universities as well as drug-discovery and pharmaceutical companies from around the world

We synthesize long chain peptide, peptide containing unusual modifications, cyclic peptide, cosmetic peptide on a day-to-day basis. Additionally, we have a large scale capacity for manufacturing GMP peptide at our plant based in Chiplun, Maharashtra

Our dedicated facility at Mumbai, India is equipped with state-of-the-art peptide synthesizers and our experience of over a decade in peptide synthesis, efficiency and in-house testing makes it easy for us to deliver your custom peptide synthesis products quickly and with high quality (purity of 90-95% is typical)

All custom peptide are accompanied with MS and HPLC analyses. Additional analytical data (e.g., NMR, sequencing, amino acid analysis) are available upon request

Peptide strengthen cell adhesion by stimulating production of new collagen fibres in damaged skin. Scientific literature reports that some peptide sequences are able to stimulate both collagen production and to regulate the enzyme collagenase involved in its degradation. Therefore, peptide can have a beneficial role both in treatment and prevention of skin ageing. These advances in the field of cosmetic has led to widespread usage of peptide in dermal care products especially in lotions and anti-ageing and skin lifting creams

This new breed of cosmeceutical peptide or cosmetic peptide as they are commonly known, play a pivotal role in today's new generation of cosmetics. Their primary applications include reduction of facial lines and wrinkles, delaying premature skin ageing, firming skin and increasing thickness of skin, aiding in tissue regeneration and increasing production of collagen.

At USV, our advanced peptide manufacturing facility and expertise gives us the ability to produce single batch multi-gram research and GMP grade cosmetic peptide to suit your exact requirement. As our dedicated manufacturing facility is based in India, it gives us a distinct advantage over our competitors in terms of both the quality and price of our peptide.




Superior Quality. Affordable Peptide
Personalised consultation with experienced peptide experts
Purities ranging from crude to >98%. Quantities ranging from mg to multi-kg scale
Wide range of peptide modifications available
cGMP facility for bulk manufacturing of peptide
Fast Delivery

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