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> Source/JavaScriptCore/Configurations/FeatureDefines.xcconfig:403

This is the same as just not defining ENABLE_HTTPS_UPGRADE. You shouldn't need to change any FeatureDefines files until this feature will be at least conditionally enabled somewhere.

> Source/WebKit/Configurations/WebKit.xcconfig:155
> -EXCLUDED_SOURCE_FILE_NAMES = Resources/ios/*;
> +EXCLUDED_SOURCE_FILE_NAMES_BASE_ = Resources/ios/* ${BUILT_PRODUCTS_DIR}/DerivedSources/WebKit2/HTTPSUpgradeList.db;
> +

We can avoid repeating the "Resources/ios/*" part by splitting things up a little differently:



(I *think* you can specify HTTPSUpgradeList.db without its path as long as it's included in the project).

> Source/WebKit/DerivedSources.make:320
> +HTTPSUpgradeList.db : $(WebKit2)/Scripts/generate-https-upgrade-database.sh

HTTPSUpgradeList.txt also needs to be a dependency here (as well as the script) because HTTPSUpgradeList.db needs to rebuild when it changes. See below about using VPATH to make this easier.

> Source/WebKit/Scripts/generate-https-upgrade-database.sh:24
> +RELATIVE_SOURCE_PATH="usr/local/include/WebKitAdditions"
> +
> +if [[ ! -d "$SOURCE_PATH" ]]; then
> +fi
> +

I don't think you need all this. Note that DerivedSources.make has $(WEBKITADDITIONS_HEADER_SEARCH_PATHS) in its VPATH, so it's set up to search $SDKROOT and $BUILT_PRODUCTS_DIR in the right order. I'd just have the makefile find HTTPSUpgradeList.txt in the VPATH then pass that path to the script as a command-line argument.

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