[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 192490] webkitpy: WinCairoPort.default_child_processes should return the appropriate default number of DumpRenderTree processes

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Sun Dec 9 23:59:32 PST 2018


--- Comment #1 from Fujii Hironori <Hironori.Fujii at sony.com> ---
Here is the return value of win32api.GlobalMemoryStatusEx() on WinCairo Docker container.

> {'TotalPageFile': 39459540992L, 'AvailVirtual': 140737373986816L, 'MemoryLoad': 30, 'TotalPhys': 34359267328L, 'AvailExtendedVirtual': 0L, 'Length': 64, 'TotalVrtual': 140737488224256L, 'AvailPhys': 23751901184L, 'AvailPageFile': 29975863296L}

Here is the one on my PC.

> {'TotalPageFile': 39389532160L, 'AvailVirtual': 140733064794112L, 'MemoryLoad': 25, 'TotalPhys': 34289258496L, 'AvailExtendedVirtual': 0L, 'Length': 64, 'TotalVirtual': 140737488224256L, 'AvailPhys': 25691299840L, 'AvailPageFile': 26506842112L}

The Docker container says it has enough RAM.
Umm, I can't use this approach for Bug 188036.

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