[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 183870] [css-visibility][css-pointer-events] Removing pointer interactions on a 'scroll container' itself (or ancestor) and re-enabling them on descendants, doesn't allow for scrolling itself to scroll from those descendants. Always iOS, sometimes desktop.

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simon.fraser at apple.com the attachment 356447 you posted does in fact work as expected for me in Firefox Nightly. Allowing me to scroll the "This should not be scrollable" element from the right hand side as well as the left.

But surely, quite bizarre artifacts you found.

Also, I was under the impression the `all` value for `pointer-events` was solely for SVG, even if behaved as `auto` for non svg compat?

As far as the original original test case UI. It's about allowing something to scroll out onto the screen from a sliver of its content, and while closed, not have scroll events pull it out into view obfuscating scroll interaction for the main view.

I think this is a reasonable ask for this setup of layout/styling?

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