[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 183870] [css-visibility][css-pointer-events] Removing pointer interactions on a 'scroll container' itself (or ancestor) and re-enabling them on descendants, doesn't allow for scrolling itself to scroll from those descendants. Always iOS, sometimes desktop.

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One last attempt to try to be even clearer.

When the test case found at https://jsbin.com/talomas/quiet, is accessed within an iframe on safari desktop. Like here https://jsbin.com/talomas/edit?html,css,output, it doesn't exhibit the broken behavior on the left side scroller. Just trying to highlight ways in which it is broken and and ways in which it is not.

And from my original post, I mention use of the visibility property, because any time I attempt its use to replace the pointer-events property (`visibility: hidden` takes the place of `pointer-events: none` and `visibility: visible` takes the place of `pointer-events: auto`) the same exact bug appears.

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