[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 183870] [css-visibility][css-pointer-events] Removing pointer interactions on a 'scroll container' itself (or parent), but re-enabling them on descendants, doesn't work on ios safari, unlike macOS and other browsers

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I attached a quick video showing vertical touch interactions attempting to scroll vertically from all areas of the original test case, left and right side scrollers with the interaction originating on scroll containers themselves, as well as originating on the striped elements inside the scroll containers, showing the left not working like the right side. That is itself the issue. That they don't behave the same.

The left, only ever "chains" up scrolling the viewport. The right, allows itself to scroll. This is only remedied on the right side scroller by creating a horizontal scroller on that inner element (overflow-x: scroll). This somehow makes it so now the vertical scroller it lives within can actually accept pointer events.

I've updated the case, to highlight the broken behavior with red colors in the left scroller and green colors in the right scroller.

If you inspect the case, you'll see besides color differences, one line of css different for the green/right scroller.

.tray-horz .tray-inner {
overflow-x: scroll;

The red/left side scroller should allow itself to be vertically scrolled from an event on the striped element, just as the green/right side scroller. The attached video shows this doesn't happen and is broken in the left.

simon.fraser at apple.com, the original test case I posted here does work in chrome as well as in desktop safari, just not ios safari (http://jsbin.com/cujesed/1), the more isolated case chasing the hack to *fix the broken behavior doesn't work in chrome, like you stated. They seem to have a similar, but slightly different issue: https://bugs.chromium.org/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=909083

Sorry I still have yet to fully grasp a lot of lingo you guys use for the inner-workings of browsers/specs, and though I try to be verbose enough to explain these things, I'm surely both too wordy and not specific enough.

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