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Seems like a reasonable idea. Better style, I suppose. Macros are ugly but these #pragma combinations are even more ugly in a way.

Seems excessive to pass in the same warning name to the "END" macros. Wordy, could get it wrong and nothing bad would happen. Please omit those extra arguments unless there is some good rationale I am missing.

Not sure we need the versions that allow semicolons. I think we could just use semicolon-free versions of these everywhere, not just the top level.

Since we are going to the trouble to visit all these call sites, I don’t think we should keep unnecessary distinctions of "clang-only", "clang or gcc", "gcc-only" in all these places. All of these should be the "both clang and gcc" versions unless there is some reason they can’t be.

It seems inelegant to pass in strings with the warnings to disable every time. We can do that for the more exotic warnings, but for common ones we should have specialized macros instead; better for clarity and also perhaps they can some day work as cross-compiler abstractions that work on other compilers. Here are the warnings that appear more than once:

 274 "-Wdeprecated-declarations"
  27 "-Wunknown-pragmas"
  24 "-Wunguarded-availability-new"
  13 "-Wunused-parameter"
  11 "-Wformat-nonliteral"
   9 "-Wreturn-type"
   6 "-Wnonnull"
   4 "-Wmissing-noreturn"
   4 "-Wimplicit-fallthrough"
   4 "-Wcast-qual"
   3 "-Wundefined-var-template"
   2 "-Wunused-private-field"
   2 "-Wtype-limits"
   2 "-Wnullability-completeness"
   2 "-Wformat-security"
   2 "-Wenum-compare"

I suggest we make warning-specific macros for at least the first one of these, and possibly a few more.

I’m not even sure that the word "WARNING" would need to appear in the all these macros. The ones about deprecated declarations could be:


And so on.

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