[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 188799] WeakPtr breaks vtables when upcasting to base classes

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--- Comment #4 from Jer Noble <jer.noble at apple.com> ---
Talked about this with Geoff, and came up with this basic sketch of the options:

Option 1) Make this kind of unsafe reinterpret_cast cause a compile-time error, and do nothing to WeakPtr to support this type of casting.

This would mean callers would have to create WeakPtrFactory<>s with the explicit template parameter of the destination type. When callers want to pass WeakPtr<>s of multiple types, they need multiple WeakPtrFactory<>s. There's a small (sizeof(Ref<>)) memory cost, and CanMakeWeakPtr<> & makeWeakPtr() won't work.

Option 2) Encode the casting math from A->B into WeakPtr<> itself.

One way to implement this would be, when you cast a WeakPtr<A> to WeakPtr<B> (assuming that A* -> B* is_convertible) in a way where reinterpret_cast(B)<ptr> != static_cast<B>(ptr), WeakPtr would store the ptrdiff_t value of static_cast<B>(ptr) - reinterpret_cast(B)<ptr>, and its .get() method would subtract the diff from reinterpret_cast(B)<ptr>. This would not require the caller to know the type A. This would increase the size of WeakPtr<> by sizeof(ptrdiff_t).

Another way to implement this would be to store 'ptr' directly in the WeakPtr<>, and use WeakReference<> only to say whether WeakPtr<> should return ptr or nullptr. This would increase the size of WeakPtr<> by sizeof(ptr) (which will likely be the same as sizeof(ptrdiff_t)), but would not require pointer arithmetic at dereference time.

Since the runtime cost of having multiple WeakPtrFatory<>s is so low, and the runtime cost of WeakPtr<>--multiplied across every WeakPtr<>--is relatively high, it seems like the best course of action at this time is to just make dangerous WeakPtr<> casts a compile-time error.

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