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Here's the script corresponding to the download button that isn't working:

<i class="fa fa-file-text-o fa-lg ng-binding ng-isolate-scope ng-scope" style="cursor:pointer" filename="document.CorrespondenceFileName" params="document" url="Common/DownloadOnlineFilesByNumber?fileName=&CorrespondenceFileName=&DocumentTypeId=" title="Download" download-file="" ng-bind="document.CorrespondenceFileName" ng-click="downloadPdf()"></i>

No sign of the website putting an "h" in the port number. Maybe surf is reporting the problem inaccurately? Or maybe the "h" is inserted from somewhere else.

I had this same problem with surf-2 logging an an "h" in the port number but closed the bug because the sites were all private. In this case, while the specific login is private, the site itself is public. Maybe you can replicate?

The bug began with epiphany using WebKit2 but worked fine in Webkit1. Something must have changed. Any ideas what to check next?

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