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I have another case that causes remote video from https://appr.tc to freeze.

After a call is established, if you pull down the notification center, wait a few seconds, and then swipe it back up, the remote video freezes (however the audio can still be heard). I use Safari on iOS 11.2, and am fairly confident that this applies to all released versions of iOS 11.x.

One workaround I found is that after the remote video freezes, if you call pause() and then play() on the video element, the video would resume. Except, there's no way to detect if the notification center has been pulled down. This StackOverflow question has received no answers: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/49962055/ios-safari-know-when-notification-center-is-displayed-and-dismissed

Another interesting thing to note, is that the video stream is still being sent to the browser during this time. So if you capture the video frame using canvas context's drawImage(), you'll get the up to date image. But also means you can't detect this problem by checking if video frames from two points in time are identical...

Any word on when this can be fixed or suggestions on other workarounds would be appreciated.

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