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--- Comment #23 from Carlos Eduardo Ramalho <cadubentzen at gmail.com> ---
(In reply to Carlos Eduardo Ramalho from comment #17) 
> We have to wait a few seconds because there is a 5s timer to free the
> resources when turning AC off. 

I was wrong in that statement. Actually we have to wait usually 13s to reproduce the crash on https://www.harrypotterplatform934.com/pages/faqs because AC is turned on every 6.5s: the JS script defines this time to make a transition a slide div (slidesjs-control) that shows up on the left side of the page below the menu.

This animated transition (using translateX) triggers AC off -> on -> off every 6.5s.

So the scenario is like that:
0s    -> page opens
6.5   -> slidejs animation: AC off -> on -> off
11.5s -> 5s timer kicks in, discarding previous LayerTreeHost
13s   -> slidejs animation: AC off -> on, then segfault in CoordinatedGraphicsLayer::transformedVisibleRect()

The GraphicsLayer node that causes the crash is in a div with animation embedded in a iframe, this iframe is inserted to the DOM via JS. However there's some catch I didn't figure out yet because doing so in the same scenario in a simpler webpage does not cause the crash.

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