[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 183153] Animated GIF imagery with finite looping are falling one loop short

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--- Comment #11 from aedge at thefuelagency.com.au ---
(In reply to Said Abou-Hallawa from comment #7)

> My understanding is:
> LoopCount = 0, means "animate the frames indefinitely".
> LoopCount missing, means "animate the frames only once".
> LoopCount > 0, "animate the frames 'LoopCount' times". I could not find any
> documentation or specs that say, we should animate the frames (LoopCount +
> 1) times.

I guess my faulty argument about "loopcount=0 and loopcount=1 should not be the same thing" is still the crux of the problem here (though its not loopcount=0, it's "loopcount missing" we should be talking about).

LoopCount missing (resulting in a 'play once' behaviour) and LoopCount=1 should not have an identical result. If they did, we'd need to start a discussion with the image creation tool providers (ie, Adobe) to change they way they count at the file-creation end. This would result in some big issues for online advertisers as Total Run Time is strictly policed in banner advertising.

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