[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 183888] Add a bisect button to automatically schedule bisecting A/B tasks.

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>> Websites/perf.webkit.org/public/v3/analysis-strategies.js:143
>> +            sortingRepositories.push(repository);
> So we'd put a repository to sortingRepositories only if it had ordering? That seems backwards.
> If anything, we want them if latestCommitTime wasn't set & order is present.

If a commit of one repository had a latestCommitTime, we will hit the early return in line 128.

>> Websites/perf.webkit.org/public/v3/analysis-strategies.js:185
>> +    static async _findAndSortCommitSetsWithSameRepositorySetAsCommitSetInTargetTestGroup(commitSetsInTestGroup, commitSetsToBeFiltered)
> I think it's simpler to make this function take a single commit set, and a list of commits to filter from
> since we don't currently support filtering based on combined set of repositories.
> We can restructure the code as needs come up in the future.
> In general, I find that the over generalization in code is usually a bad idea because we can't predict
> what the future code & feature would look like until we implement them.

Line 216-218 rely on knowing the start and end commits.

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