[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 85851] MediaStream API: support MediaStreamRecorder implementation

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--- Comment #6 from Jeremy Noring <jeremy.noring at gmail.com> ---
I'm at the point where I need this feature so badly that I'm willing to try and do the work myself.  Questions:

1. Would webkit accept a contribution like this, assuming I went through the normal process to make contributions to webkit, and 
2. Is there a webkit developer I could work with to make this happen?

Roundabout story: we've tried to make a MediaRecorder polyfill with webassembly, and it is prohibitively difficult for a number of reasons (tl;dr codec royalties are a thing, javascript garbage collection and video are hard, script processor nodes are finicky and working with a canvas has some idiosyncrasies that are difficult to address).  

Any advice: hugely welcome.

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