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I am also seeing this as well. And I can confirm what James Ravenscroft mentioned that it appears there's a disconnect between what is rendered on screen and what is the true location of the elements on the page.

Test scenario: Fixed position DIV with input elements inside. Once you focus an input field, the soft keyboard shows up and the fixed DIV also slides up a little bit. Issue occurs only when the fixed DIV slides up some number of pixels > 0. At this point the cursor appears below the text field by roughly the same number of pixels that the fixed DIV moved.

However it looks like the cursor is actually in the correct location and the real problem is that the rendered HTML/Page content has been incorrectly rendered some number of pixels higher than it should have been.

I say this based on Safari's Web Inspector. After you hit this situation where the cursor is blinking below the text field, open Web Inspector, find the input field in the Elements DOM Tree and then select it. You'll see the input field colored in the browser view and it will NOT be where it is rendered on the screen. It's actually where the cursor is blinking. In fact, if you have other widgets inside the Fixed DIV (for example other input fields or buttons, etc) you'll find that they are all found not where they are rendered on screen. They line up perfectly with where the cursor is blinking.

So it seems to be a rendering issue when a Fixed DIV is moved due to the soft keyboard showing up.

I can repro on the latest Safari and Chrome on iOS 11. Does not occur on iOS 10.

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