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I was hoping to edit my last comment to include these links but I think anyone who views this proposal should understand that there is no need to rewrite the wheel to bring this functionality.


These are the 4 (I am aware of) current multi-threading (concurrent) JavaScript execution libraries out there available for public consumption. None of these libraries required making a new spec or changing the underlying nature of the language. 

My argument is that making a new threading spec when it is unnecessary is not the right way to go when the previous WebWorker and Atomic Operation specs haven't been completely made mainstream or even enabled by default with WebKit and will already solve the data passing issues present today.




The use of the 3 specs above already allow for the completion of a 100% concurrent and parallel execution of JavaScript logic without major communication overhead, currently my library makes use of Transferables as much as possible to minimize this overhead, Atomics will provide a way to pretty much completely eliminate this overhead so there does not seem to be a valid rational for abandoning the 3 I've listed in favor of an entirely new one that will provide little benefit over existing solutions and will introduce major issues and even more complexity to an already complex ecosystem. 

My personal experience is that threading in JavaScript is traditionally seen as sacrilegious, multi-threading and the issues it brings should be abstracted from the common user as most are unable to deal with those issues when they inevitably crop up.

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