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--- Comment #6 from Filip Pizlo <fpizlo at apple.com> ---
(In reply to Asmithdev from comment #5)
> I have read through this proposal throughly and I feel it is important to
> voice my concerns as I feel I am fairly qualified to speak on the subject. 
> Additionally I would have appreciated if the author of this proposal would
> have made references to existing work that already allows not only
> concurrent but true parallel execution of javascript logic, **without**
> having to modify the underlying execution system.
> Atomic operations are not a new thing and I have waited a significant
> portion of time for them to become mainstream and I have invested the last 3
> years of my free time developing and improving my own library Hamsters.js
> which includes a fully featured thread pool with a proper queue system as
> well and makes use of the existing WebWorker spec to accomplish this. 
> The performance limitations I face in the library today revolve entirely
> around the lack of main stream support for Atomic Operations, the proposed
> API seems like an attempt to basically negate the massive amount of effort
> that has gone into making practical use of the existing WebWorker
> specification for true concurrent and parallel execution of JavaScript
> logic. Should this proposal ever come to fruition I fear that not only will
> it cause a rift in the JavaScript community but it will also cause a huge
> problem for people like myself who have invested years and countless
> resources into supporting this functionality using EXISTING language
> conventions and specs.
> I find it somewhat unprofessional that such a lengthy article was written up
> that never referenced work that already brought this functionality to the
> language and doesn't require throwing the underlying nature of the language
> out of the window.
> Lastly I think work should be prioritized on finishing Atomic Operations
> support and making it mainstream so I don't have to deal with passing data
> around like I do now.

If you don’t want to deal with passing data like you do now then it sounds like you want threads. 

This post only cited the most relevant related work.

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