[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 161452] Need an API to scale the page of macOS WKWebView

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--- Comment #1 from Dan Saunders <dasau at microsoft.com> ---
We found some private API that will work. Could these be made public? There is also some accessibility benefit to allow proper zooming of WKWebView without having to add the scrollbars (⌘+ in Safari).

This private API is equivalent to ⌘+ in Safari. It seems low risk, and something that should be publicly available through an API. It is sufficient for our requirements, the only issue we found is text is the wrong size at very low zoom levels.
[_webView _setPageZoomFactor:x];

This private API does exactly what we need, but there may be other reasons why it isn't exposed since it changes the layout mode. Text and other elements have the proper scale at low zoom levels:
[_webView _setLayoutMode:_WKLayoutModeDynamicSizeComputedFromViewScale];
[_webView _setViewScale:x];

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