[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 177732] There should be a version of copyToVector that returns a Vector, rather than using an out parameter

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--- Comment #6 from Chris Dumez <cdumez at apple.com> ---
(In reply to Darin Adler from comment #5)
> (In reply to Chris Dumez from comment #4)
> > The templated out parameter is convenient for when you want to copy to a
> > vector that contains items of another type, which happens fairly commonly.
> > 
> > E.g. you have a HashSet<Node*> and want to copy to a Vector<RefPtr<Node>>.
> > 
> > Not sure how we can make this work:
> > 
> > HashSet<Node*> nodes;
> > Vector<RefPtr<Node>> nodesCopy = copyToVector(nodes);
> Using your suggested function name, copyToVector, the syntax I would suggest
> would be:
>     auto nodesCopy = copyToVector<RefPtr<Node>>(nodes);
> Should not be too hard to implement.

Sure, if you add another template parameter then we can make it work. It is more verbose though.

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