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--- Comment #2 from Chris Chiera <chris at heavymark.com> ---
Sure thing. So in your example you mentioning simply autocompleting (which works perfectly), this is in regards to what happens when you backspace/delete after autocompleting.

So here is Safari Preview 44. On say apple.com. I add new rule and auto complete it like normal. Then I wish to change that if say it automcompleted the wrong word. Back when clicking delete, nothing happens: http://share.heavymark.com/1U3i3p0v3v0F

Now here is in Chrome stable on apple.com where it works as expected: http://share.heavymark.com/3S2R0s0v3n0t There after auto completing I can go back easily by clicking delete. 

In the current stable version of Safari it lets you go back (so, better than 44, but not as good as Chrome since it does per character rather than highlighting the whole word: http://share.heavymark.com/2P3h3p171K3c

If 44 is currently working like the chrome video above let me know and I can try reinstalling or trying on another computer. Currently using latest MBP with touchbar and latest stable version of MacOS. Hope this helps.

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